Teaching Workshops
Whatever your previous experience you’ll be inspired by the teacher’s enthusiasm and willingly shared techniques so the only constraints are your own commitment and effort. In the intimate environment of a small group you’ll be up close and personal with the instructor’s philosophy of their craft and their tricks of the trade learned over a lifetime’s experience.

You will be enchanted by the renowned artists who run these courses – they have been selected for their passion to share their skills and their ability to gently tease out yours, whatever your current level.

This year Le Glandier is offering some workshops designed for beginners and returners who will receive a solid grounding of theory and practice in their medium of choice. Sculpture courses also feature for the first time.

The development of Le Glandier’s schedule is often guided by serendipity with some courses run by past delegates. So the owners are open to suggestions – their ambition is to offer a top-quality palette of activities in a serene and inspiring environment, conducive to productive study and lasting friendships.

Workshop arrangements

  • Arrival :Sunday from 5pm
  • Welcome drinks 7pm
  • Welcome drinks 7pm

Studio instruction: Monday to Friday 9am to mid-day and 3pm to 6pm
The studio is open 24 hours
Mealtimes: 7:30 am 12:30pm 7:30pm
Additional night’s accommodation on Friday including dinner and breakfast: 60€ pp sharing, 80€ single room

Bespoke workshops
Why not come for a weekend or longer (subject to availability) on your own or in a group to make use of Le Glandier’s studios. Work at your own pace in your time. Bring your own model for life work or ask Le Glandier to arrange one [C’est possible?].
Alternatively, why not use Le Glandier as a base from which to explore the area including the Loire valley, Tours and Orléans?
For prices, please enquire by phone or email

Welcome !


BARGONI Giancarlo

| What an extraordinary thing that painting! The material, color, all lumps and magma on canvas become language!


| His painting explores an only one theme : space. "With my work, I try to explore a purely spatial dimension. I try to set up moving perspectives."

CAVALLI Jean-Michel

| À la pointe de son couteau, l’artiste nous conte des aventures irrésistibles...


| Études de corps humain, de portraits à fleur d'âme en techniques mixtes.

CITRON Thierry

| Lyrical interpretation of landscapes in dry pastel


| Knife painting technique at the service of light and colour vibration for the exaltation of nature, poetry and the sweetness of life itself.

de REIMPRE Thibaut

| Painting full of amazing possibilities, exuberant, with a density in which lightness and seriousness, spontaneity and planning cohabit. Splashes, regrets, over-painting, cries ; and silences full of fury . . . painting of abundance and generosity


| Despite the multitude of magnificent artworks already in existence, he knows that the last word has yet to be spoken by brushes and paints.


| Classic rigor and precision in the service of softness at the heart of the subjects interpreted.


| Aquarelle - La technique de l'humide sur l'humide

KWON Yong-Man

| Maîtriser la construction de la toile

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